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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Our theme for this month is DIVINE EXPLOIT. Last week, as we looked at Luke 5:1-11, we considered the story of the fisher men who were retired because of their fruitless labour. They could not catch any fish despite their expertise. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that hath mercy-Rom.9:16 KJV
Labour demands physical exertion of strength but Favour shows the appearance of mercy and grace. It is not the amount of work you do that determines wealth but the favour that God breathe into it. It is not who started first but who did the best and got to the end. God will turn your labour to favour this month in Jesus Name.
I pray for you today that the Lord will show you mercy. In this third month of the year, Jesus will appear to you before you lose hope. May His grace and favour find you before it’s too late. In the fruitlessness of their work, a hope appeared. Jesus came around their work place to fulfil His mission on earth. May He visit you in your work place this month and cause a change in your life and business in Jesus Name, Amen!May He pay a visit to you at home, in your business place, school, marriage, health and other areas of your life in Jesus Name! He had need of the empty boat. May He find you empty enough to use.
Jesus needs an EMPTY life to operate. He won’t come in if it is already filled up with other personalities and cares of this world. You need to empty your life for Him to come in and fill you. Empty your life of Sin, dirty life style, malice and hatred, anger, immorality, habitual stealing, lies and all other life style that doesn’t glorify Him. He is looking for empty vessels to use to accomplish His mission on earth. When He saw the empty boat, He used it. If He sees you available, He will use you. I pray for you that you will make yourself available for Him to use in Jesus Name.
He separated the boat from the land. He asked Peter to push a little into the sea. Jesus always looks for men who are separated from the crowd to use. He never wanted any contact with the crowd, so He moved dipper into the sea where the crowd cannot come. He is always interested in people who lead a separated life. When you go dipper towards the river which symbolizes the depth of the Holy Spirit, you become visible to the crowd, but if you stay with the crowd, no one will notice you. You need to separate yourself from people who pull you down spiritually. There are men who demoralize others, identify them and flee from them. Look for spiritual giants; they don’t stay on the land but in the ocean of the Holy Ghost leading a spirit filled life.
The boat belongs to Simon Peter and He was willing to release it for the Lord’s service. Peter donated towards evangelism and missions. He was willing to sponsor the mass evangelism vision and ministry of Jesus. God is looking for men who have the mind of Peter to release their Cars, Houses, Properties, Money, Intellect, Talents and Gifts for the use of Kingdom work expansion. Peter never struggled with releasing his boat. He never argued with Jesus and never questioned why He should use his own instead of the other one or what He wants to do with his boat. He simply obeyed the Lord’s instruction and moved the boat a little into the depth of the river. May you allow Him access into your life in such a way that He can take possession of your properties for His own use in Jesus Name, Amen! Don’t struggle with your Tithe, First Fruit, Church and Sunday School Offering. Don’t hide your talent and gifts in the church. He needs them to enlarge His kingdom. If God is leading you towards sponsoring gospel programs on Radio or Television after reading this article, kindly get in touch with me. To be continued….

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