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Monday, June 18, 2018

It was so great today as God glorified Himself in Assemblies of God, Kirikiri Road Olodi Apapa, Lagos Pastored by Rev Roland Chiazor. God was in action as always during their General Council Youth week from Monday to Wednesday and today.

A deacon God picked out while I was ministering on Wednesday testified how I came around him while preaching and told him that we will go together to his village that day and moved back a little to pick his son who just attended the program for the first time and also spoke to him the exact things happening in his life. He said after i said the prayers that night for them, the next morning, he was called from his village that one of his uncles who had been the strong man of the family has started confessing that morning on all his atrocities. He was so happy that God could remember him. His testimony was just one out of many that God touched with exact revelations and settlement of their cases. Wickedness still persist in this world and evil men and women will not go free. God will certainly remember them.

Imagine a man I called out to inform how God showed me as he was remote controlled back to Nigeria from Abroad after 21 years with nothing to show and today he is just an Okada rider. God revealed how his image was taken to an evil altar and to our shock he told the Church that it was her mother who visited a Native doctor to do a charm that can bring him back from Abroad and drop money on that alter. But today God located him and delivered him to His Glory.

Who said that God delays in answering prayers. Kindly join me in thanking God for all he did in this meeting and pray that they remain permanent testimonies in their life.

I want to pray for you reading this testimonies that every evil projection made against you be destroyed now in Jesus name. I decree that whatever covered your glory from shinning should catch fire now. Let your manifestation begin now. May you have your own testimony before the end of this month in Jesus name. Amen. Remain Blessed and Continue to pray for me more.

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